I didn't know I was driving a truck

According to my insurance company, my 2010 Ford Flex is considered
a truck. As I recall, it's built on the same platform as the Ford Taurus.
Very curious.
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interesting indeed! Not sure how our insurance classifies our Flex... But yes, The Flex is built on the same platform as the Taurus... Here's a piece of trivia... bumper to bumper the Taurus is actually LONGER than the Flex! LOL! The Flex does have a longer wheel base which perhaps is why the Flex appears to be longer than a Taurus...
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john stachlewicz
So, if it benefits you, file a complaint with your state insurance commissioner.... and send a copy to Ford.
In California, it costs more to register a truck than a car because trucks are considered commercial and are therefore income producing vehicles. Throw a camper shell on it and it becomes recreational. But, as soon as you remove the shell, it becomes a commercial vehicle again.
It's like magic. The state found a way to increase revenues. There must be some way the insurance companies gain by classifying it as a truck.
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D E Willson
The insurance companies are not to blame. The car companies pressured the EPA to allow lower MPG for light trucks than for cars, and then cleverly created the definition of light truck so that some cars became light trucks, to ease the effective pain of the CAFE rules. Chrysler's PT Cruiser, a small car by any normal standard, thus became a light truck.
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Bob Willard

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