It's spring and I just went on a little joyride ...

My 1984 Capri RS 5.0 has been gathering dust in the
garage since last September and it was time to take it
for a ride. Damn, that "underpowered" buggy is still
fun to drive!
Dick in MN
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Hah! The twins are still daily drivers. The exception this year is that the convertible lost overdrive, and I put off having the trans rebuilt over the winter, since I prefer a stick over automatic in snow. It sat in the garage for almost three months, and only recently went into the shop for surgery.
While they're both 1993 5.0's, they are entirely different cars. TFrog is quick and nimble, CFrog is a heavy pig. But that occasional 80-degree day in April just cries out for topless, and I have to get moving on my farmer's tan.
Also, since the day I bought it in late 2003, CFrog has always had a badly pitted windshield (as if the previous owner liked to tailgate dumptrucks filled with sand). Not a problem, unless I'm driving into direct sunlight (as, say, my morning or evening commute). I just had that replaced with new glass, and wonder why I waited so long. Sure, it wasn't high on my list of to-do, but it makes a big difference.
Of course, daily driver means daily deterioration. I'm noticing now that TFrog has reached the end of "polish and wax" in spots - there's signs that I'm running out of paint to polish! Time to get serious about a new black paint job, probably just in time for its 20th birthday. These guys aren't NEARLY as old as your car, but they're getting up there.
dwight TFrog - 1993 LX 5.0
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- 1993 GT 5.0 convertible
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Hi Dwight, Good to hear that your "frogs" are doing well! I'm retired and no longer need to make that dreaded drive to work. The Capri only has 67K miles on it, and I only take it out of the garage on nice summer days. I will probably drive it more often after I get those Michelin TRX wheels and tires replaced. In the mean time, there's enough rubber left on the tires to take some quick trips to Kwik Trip. :-) Dick in MN
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my '92 4cyl auto here in Scotland is well........a convertible who wants to go fast anyway with petrol at £1.39 a L ...... tee hee ......
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Jimbo ...
On Thu, 12 May 2011 18:23:05 +0100, "Jimbo ..." wrote:
Where in Scotland? I spent a couple of fantastic years (1959-60) in Prestwick, Ayr, and Troon when my dad was stationed there with the USAF Air Sea Rescue Squadron.
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D E Willson
Spring in May? Hell, it's been Spring since January here in Florida. :-)
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We're now setting into spring-time in Oregon. Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, but it's no longer in the 30's. LOL
Might take my "outdated" "underpowered" blown 4.6 for a spin, in honor of Dick's Capri. :)
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Don't know aboutyou but it's been autumn here all weekend and it's 59 right now according to WU local. Of course Thur and Fri were weird days even with out all the loose barges reeking havoc...
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