My problems with replacing the 4-bolt TRX wheels on my 84 Capri 5.0 may be solved?

I know there were 4-bolt Mustang wheels from the 80s that used
conventional tires, but I don't want to explore automotive grave
yards to find them. I found a company that makes adapters for 4-5,
5-6, etc. wheels.
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Being able to use 5-bolt rims would open a whole new world of choices.
Any thoughts?
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Although a clever idea, these things will put an offset on your wheels. Looks like the thinnest one is 1.9 inches which is quite a bit. This will put an unnatural load on your wheel bearings. I wouldn't do it. At nearly two inches, I'll bet it makes your car look stupid from the rear.
I suppose you could do this and then buy new wheels with the opposite offset to negate the effect, but now you're limiting wheel selection in a new way, as well as complicating things.
Don't do it.
Aren't there any junkya... I mean automotive recycling centers with actual Ford parts that you can find to replace your TRX hub assemblies?
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All of that... and plus there's lots of choices for 4 lug mustangs still. If you don't want to hunt junkyards there are places that refinish wheels. They keep a stock of wheels. Of course they sell at a premium. One such place is
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Then there's always ebay and craigslist.
If not that there is a wide range of aftermarket choices.
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Thanks for the replies. My 84 is tucked in the garage for a long winter nap. I'll check wheelsamerica and a few other sources next spring. Maybe if I get new wheels and tires I'll be able to boost the odometer reading to 68,000 miles. Yes, I do baby that car. :-) Thanks Dick in MN
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Lots of cons on adapters.... Here's my experience with adapters. Ran them on a bug to mount Chevy wheels. Never had a issue and at 17 it explored it's cornering limits daily for a long time. Adapters out lasted the rest of the car. Ran a set of spacers so I could mount deep dish Cragers on a van back in the early '80's. Had 8"wide on the front and 10" wide on the rear. Had 1" spacers to clear the calipers with NHRA approved. lugs nuts. Everyone told me I'd kill the bearings on all 4 corners. I ran it 165k miles with zero bearing issues, regular maint. on all lubes, and with a set of aftermarket sway bars front and rear with that wide 50 series rubber I used to push guys in Beemers down exit ramps for kicks back in the day. I would not have a problem with a gently used 'stang having them.
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I have something similar to these, kind of witsh I'd gone with the standard Welds now, but they had no 17" rims at the time
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