84 Capri RS 5.0 value?

No, I'm not going to sell it, but after frustrating searches
on the internet, I can't find a realistic value.
I'm the original owner, 60,000 miles, stored winters, etc.
According to values on the internet, the car is worth
$1200-1500, and I say crap! My 95 Ford E150 van is worth
that much. I think I'll just enjoy driving the car 200 miles
a year and let my heirs (who lust for it) figure out how
much to sell it for.
The Capri has settled down for a long winter nap in the garage.
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They're pretty hard to find in mint condition, this guy wants $4500 Canadian for an 85 GS 5.0
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Trashy ones are in the $1500 down range.....Just from what is listed on foureyedpride.com and craigslist.com
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On Sat, 10 Oct 2009 19:57:41 -0500, dickr2 wrote:
When you have a vehicle that old that's in really nice shape you have to find the right buyer to get what it's worth.... someone who appreciates vehicles.
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Ashton Crusher
You might be surprised, especially as original as yours is. Maybe it's different in different areas, but if I drive mine for three days straight to places other than to work, I'll get at least one person or a note asking to sell it.
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Yup. After 25 years the Capri developed a small oil leak. I brought the car in to the local Ford dealer (first class service operation, and people I trust). Pan and valve cover gaskets were replaced along with a few seals. There were several inquiries from folks in the service department who were interested in purchasing the car. I occasionally get comments like: "Nice car, what year is it?" "So you're driving the 'hot rod' today" "Nice ride, Dude" "You have a classic, don't sell it"
In the last 25 years, I've only seen 1 other 84 Capri RS 5.0 "bubble back" that had identical paint color (black) and trim, and I've never seen another of any color (except on the internet). The car might be somewhat rare, and I'm going to keep it until they pry my cold dead hands off the steering wheel. :-) Dick
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I saw what looked to be a clean fox body (late 80s) for sale today... asking price on the windshield was $6000. I just drove by it didn't stop to take a good look. (too busy test driving my car and paying attention to make sure it's fixed)
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