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Well, this afternoon the Custom Auto Air "Perfect Fit - Elite" A/C
system arrived. Nice package which will fit under the dash in place of
the OEM heater/defroster. It still has those functions but adds the
A/C, and uses the OEM controls with the addition of an out of sight
electronic unit which controls the unit servos.
Add to that the pair of M-Detail upholstered Flo-Fit bucket seats
which are the Pony pattern which arrived last week. Since I selected
all black instead of two color it won't stand out that they are the
Pony pattern as bad as they could, yet still provide better than OEM.
Looks like I have my work cut out for me for a while. :-)
Next will likely be a complete re-wire using American AutoWire setup
which is pretty much plug and play but cheaper than the nearest
competitor (Painless).
Getting down to the end of the project. About time to hit the road for
some exploration of this great country. Like a trip on Route 66. A
couple of reunions (California, Florida, and Las Vegas). Fishing
trips. And as much of the coast of the USA as I can cover. :0)
Althoughhhhhhhh... I started looking at some old F-150s and even a
Jaguar XKE. LOL
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D E Willson
Your car was already 28 years old when mine was built, and mine is old. I've got a laundry list of annoyances now, and can't imagine what it must be like tending to a car that's almost as old as I am.
Every once in a while, I start taking a closer look at the new models, and wondering if it's not worth selling off the annoyances and buying something new, just for the bliss of trouble-free driving. No, I don't drive a '65, but the '93s (and all Fox-body Mustangs) are becoming ever more scarce, and I still feel like I'm "carrying the flag" for the Foxes. Somebody's got to do it...
So, you've got A/C, new seats, and will be re-wiring throughout. How's the exterior? (I'm interviewing body shops now for a complete repaint.) And while you're fantasizing about toolin' down 66, I'm looking at ordering in a set of Blizzaks.
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On Sat, 22 Oct 2011 09:14:42 -0400, "dwight" wrote:
I got lucky. My ride was built and has lived it's entire life in California's Sacramento Valley which is very dry so everything is solid and rust was limited to light surface. I had it repainted when I bought it ($5K).
One of the great things is that I have LOTS room to work, especially in the engine well.
As for anoyances, I have very few. The new seats correct one and the air conditioning takes care of another. The wiring is a "nice to have" upgrade.
Ways of increasing fuel economy and increasing power would be great as well, but I do pretty well as long as I keep my foot out of it. When that 4 barrel kicks in... whew.....
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D E Willson

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