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I'd take one! Might want to update some of the systems (satallite radio for example and a left hand drive!), but I think it's pretty cool. Sure you could get more power/speed, etc, but having a car that stands out from the pack is, IMHO, pretty darn cool. I mean, anybody can have a latemodel Mustang (or any of a number of other cars that all look the same), but how many would be this different? That's one of the things I love about my 1965 ride. People notice it even more than a new Mustang.
I should have taken my R&R from Vietnam and dropped down to Aussieland. Maybe I could have convinced someone to sell it to me.
I just saw an article on Yahoo where another old designer is coming back updated. Not one of the Big 3, but looks pretty cool. Looks a bit like a cross between a DeLorean, an Avanti, and something else.
There used to be a fiberglass body for a VW bug that looked a bit like this Aussie one. Had a guy in the Azores who had one he brought over. One day in a parking lot he was stuck in his car. The battery had died. He couldn't start the car to get hydrolic pressure to open the front which opened just as this one does. Nor could he open the side glass. Of course there was an emergency crank which would raise the "door" but he had it inside with him. The engine was in the back and we were able to jump start it so he could get out. He was cooked by then. That BIG windshield let the sun shine in, and the usually cool ocean breeze was absent that day and the sky was void of the normal clouds. No idea what he did to prevent a recurrence. Probably found a way to keep the emergency handle where a passerby could get to it.
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