Re: 1999.5 PF AC issue

Could be an intermittent resistor, does the blower work reliably at the top
fan speed?
Hi my 1999.5 Nissan Pathfinder SE Limited Edition is now approaching 120K > miles. >
> Recently the air conditioning stopped working, I think it's actually not
> the AC but the blower. When I turn on the fan or AC sometimes there is
> nothing, the blower is not blowing. This is intermittent and does not
> happen all the time. When the car is moving with the air on I can feel
> the cool air moving out of the vent so the air is definitely getting
> cooled but not being pushed out.
> Is this an electrical problem or is the blower ready to go?
> Thanks,
> MC
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This is a common problem if the fan speed only comes on high and the rest of the speeds don't work. If true change out the fan resistor under the passenger side, where you place your feet. It has 2 screws and 4 connectors and when you pull it out from its location it will have a thin metal piece that fits up inside the vent almost blocking it.replace it. Junk yards are full of these things got mine for 4.00 Dealer will charge you 40.00
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No, when it does not blow, it does not blow at any speed. Changing the speed knob does not affect this in any way.
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After reading through the previus posts... the most likely suspect is the blower switch itself on a vehicle with that many miles. You should also inspect the connection (plug) on the switch. Inspecting the plug (connection) to the blower motor and resistor pack would also be in order. Blower motors and resistor packs rarely get intermittent. The normal blower failure mode is the bearings wear out and they make a lot of noise... but keep working.
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