Has anyone heard of......

a TPS (throttle position sensor) long story, I have a 96 GLE with 41,000
miles on it. It was my grandma's car so it sat for long periods of time.
When I got this car the transmission was hesitating, if I was slowing to
just under 10 mph then hit the accel, it took about a second and a half
before I had any power to the wheels. I took it to a transmission shop and
they for the most part rebuilt the entire tranny, however the problems still
existed. I recently took it back because of this problem now they are saying
it is a TPS. 2 questions.
1) they said that they adjusted my TPS, is this an adjustable sensor
2) If it is could it cause the engine to idle rough I swear my idle rpm were
at 700 before I took it in now it fluxuates between 500 and 700 and the car
shakes at idle.
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I hate to say this, but this is SOP for that transmission unless your's is worst than most. All the 404A's don't downshift until it's almost stopped. It saves wear and tear and mileage I guess. I doubt your 41K transmission needed to be rebuilt or that your TPS needed to be adjusted (and should probably be put back where it belongs).
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