206 1.4 HDI 2004 S model. Air Bag warning light on. No fault code

warning light has come on. (Daughter driving it and only mentioned it so not sure if it was the same time). Electrical check by garage shows a poss short from wiper. Check of wiring is fine all the way to the dash board Fuse board. SRS airbag light comes on after engine started. An audible beep is heard twice and the light will not go out. Checked wiring under the seats and nothing obvious. Local garage checked fault codes and none displayed. Suggested another under dash fuse board but this is actually a model control unit so would need key chip as well as fuse board? Is this a genuine fix? Thank you Martin
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I know you checked under the seats but if this is a similar problem to that experienced in the 406 it may still be where the fault lies and the symptom, airbag warning light staying on, is identical. On the 406 the seatbelt pretensioner connections under the seats (I think that's what they were called)were unreliable and most (if not all) cars had to be fixed at some point. The fix applied by my agents, and I assume all, was to remove the connectors and solder the wires together. French engineering is superb but there electrical finesse leaves much to be desired.
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