Volvo Class Action Suit

I was in California last month and learned of a class action law suit against Volvo for defective throttle assemblies in the 1999-2001 model year
S-80s (L.A. Times article). Does anyone know anymore about this? Is this suit being filed in any other states. Have any of you had trouble with your throttle assemblies.?
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----snipped---------from e mail i rcsd from "gang of 70 group------these folks are managing the neg w/volvo over the defective throttle bodies......some url's and e mail contact info.....--------
Good morning gang of 70 plus,
One of our members put a poll up on the Volvo XC forum as to how likely you are to buy another Volvo based on your experiences and what we have found out in the last few months. Click on the link below and vote.

I have asked permission to post Myron Levin's article on the web but as yet have not had a respons.
Below is another post about the LATimes article. It also mentions that the S60 has the same problem, though I have not verified that. One comment is, "It's also claimed that the repairs Volvo carried out were only designed to last until the expiry (sp?) of the warranty, after which owners would have pay for repairs themselves." And
Volvo press chief, Christer Gustafsson, said, "I'm not aware of the problem in Sweden. It it's such a fundamental problem, it should have cropped up in other markets."
When I got my letter back from Susan Campbell, Assistant Manager of Customer Care, telling me that they had a good 50,000 mile 4 year warranty I picked up her direct line number. I forwarded it to a few of the group but now I think you all should have her number. She was surprised when a couple of the group called her. As Andy Griffin would say, "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise" 70 plus times.
Susan Campbell
Assistant Manager Customer Care
Volvo Customer Care
7 Volvo Drive
Rockleigh, NJ 07647
201 768 7300 X1983
Remember that while a recall of any type, without a redesign of the ETM, is like putting Firestone tires back on Fords. My mantra is:
VEXED wants the 4 Rs from Volvo. (it was 3)
Redesign = to incorporate a non contacting throttle position sensor
Replace = ETM that is showing symptoms without a lot of hassle. When the new design is ready.
Recall = all current style ETM and replace with the new design
Reimburse = all costs incurred up to this date in trying to fix these ETM
Don Willson for VEXED
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