E39 Traction Control Light on Constantly

My E39 (UK Spec 528i) has the Traction control light warning on constantly.
Its not switched off. There is also a whine from somewhere that sounds like
transmission whine which starts to occur about 5 Mins after starting to
drive the car - I guess when its started to warm up. Is there anything I can
do to reset the Traction control system - any fuses or relays I should look
at ?
I also have an ABS warning light on all the time - I understand that
cleaning an ABS sensor may clear this issue - anyone know how to do this ?
Any help appreciated.
Finally I have vibration felt through the driving seat at about 60 MPH - I
Have changed the Tyres recently but to no effect. I also experience similar
vibration on braking - but felt through the Pedal - any ideas anyone ?
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The ABS fault is the cause of the traction control light also. Take the car to a BMW specialist garage who can read the codes off the computer and tell you which wheel sensor, or whatever, it is.
For the whine, you need to establish whether it's related to engine speed or road speed.
Possibly warped brake discs. But get the wheels balance checked first.
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Dan Buchan
Have you had the brakes serviced lately? There might be air in the brake lines or a leaky brake line or wheel cylinder, if its not a mal-functioning wheel sensor.
If you see evidence of brake fluid on inside of wheels of puddles in the carport after you apply the brakes, its time to get brake system check.
The brake fluid (unless its DOT5 silicone) absorbs moisture from the air, and can put water in the brake system over time. Water in the brake system corrodes the wheel and master cylinder and results in leaky brake system.
That is why its a good ideal to replace brake fluid every few years, unless your brake system is using the silicone (DOT5) brake fluid, that does not absorb moisture.
Repeating: DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluids absorb moisture when exposed to air containing water vapor.
DOT5 (silicone) brake fluid *does not* absorb moisture.
Do not mix DOT5 with either DOT3 or DOT4.
Good luck!
JoshIII upstate south carolina josh3i at hotmail . com
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The whine appears to be related to road speed - its still there with the (auto) gearbox in neutral & the engine idling.
How do these wheel sensors work - are they magnetic or optical ? How does one clean them ?
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And do NOT put DOT5 in your BMW. It is not compatible with ABS/DSC hydraulics and will cost you a fortune to fix once you've done it.
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