1993 T & C: ABS light stays on for a while @ start

I notice brake pedal is hard until light goes off (a minute or so) then all is well.
Notice also that the brake fluid is leaking out the top of the reservoir.
Hard braking & that kind of leaking in my previous 3 '93 T& C's has always meant that the ABS pump is bad and is a recall item, however this T & C has already had it done & the Chrysler dealer is refusing to do it again.
Thought that the recall/warranty on the pump was lifetime (?)
.... If not I have a donor van in the yard with one that had been recently replaced under warranty .... how difficult is it for me to swap pumps here in the yard?
Any directions & suggestions are greatly appreciated1
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try this first.
with engine off, pull the vacuum boost hose, and stick something long down inside the hose. Most techs use a long plastic zip tie or something like that. what you are looking for is to see if there is any brake fluid in there. if there is, your master cyl has leaked fluid down into the brake booster. doubt it has sine you are leaking out the top but its worth it to verify it.
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oops. I meant stick something long down into the hole in the brake booster, not the hose! Sorry for the typo.
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