Need Dodge Grand Caravan extended warranty advice

extended warranty is a good bet, or a waste of money ?
Anyone have any personal experiences with them that could shed some light on this subject for me ?
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get one from Chrysler financial if they are still selling them. they cover most everything and are pretty good to their customers.
if they don't sell them anymore, go with fidelity or mercury. they are also good folks.
I would say you don't need one right now but get one before your factory one runs out.
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I've had several. The ones purchased directly from Chrysler though the dealership have always worked out and although somewhat costly have paid for more than their cost over its duration.
On another new Chrysler vehicle I was frugal and purchased an independent warranty which the dealer's service mgr stated they worked with. That company went bankrupt after about 1 year of coverage.
So, based on my personal experience, go with the genuine Chrysler extended. I know some prefer to bank money to cover any costs of repair. But there is something nice about "no worries".
Good luck.
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Yes. I would caution against buying a third party contract. Too many go bankrupt, leaving you with a worthless contract.
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