headgasket replacement 2nd time in a week

it. I started to see oil in the coolant res about 3 months back was thinking oil cooler but it wasn't, then the only thing is the head gasket and then yes it blew about a month back. I've replaced head gaskets resurfaced heads myself, the new gaskets were 3-tier metal but separated when received and I questioned whether I should use them or not. I've replaced ovr 10 head gaskets and have never seen them separated like the new ones. A couple friends looked at them and thought they looked good. I reassembled the motor, and it ran like a new motor, even better than when I bought it. I didn't get too excited right away since I wanted to allow a week, & after 5 days, the gasket blew again, so I pulled the heads again when I un-torqued one of the heads, the bolts were not as tight as when I first torqued them down. I didn't re-torque the heads after starting the engine the first time after install and once engine cooled down. Could this cause the gaskets to blow again?? I dont know but I'm going to blow it myself if it happens again! I will be sending the heads this time out to be pressure tested & resurfaced and hoping they find a crack or something because I have no idea what else it can be. I Need Help, Suggestions, or if Anyone has had this experience, Please reply...
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