How come we don't know why the oil-rig blow-out preventer failed?

A few months ago the API (American Petroleum Institute) started up their TV commercials that they run during the 6:30 national network news broadcasts.
These are the commercials that has some soccer-mom milf prasing the wealth of oil in "america" and extolling the virtues of opening up alask and the gulf to more drilling.
TV Commercials like this one:
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woops - sorry. I mean like these:
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?v=32VgYHuj_mk These commercials were running pretty steady for the past few years but mysteriously vannished from the airwaves after that oil rig in the gulf decided to behave badly and blow itself up (I wonder why we don't know the results of the investigation into why the blow-out preventer failed...)
If you notice the second commercial - the chick mentions oil and natural gas "from America". That commercial was uploaded 2 years ago.
A slightly different version of that same commercial is airing currently during the evening network news broadcasts. In this version, oil-chick says something like "bet you didn't know that 2/3 of the oil and natural gas we use comes from right here in "NORTH AMERICA".
Finally, we Canadians are getting some recognition that if it wasn't for us, you americans would all be wearing burkas and white dressing gowns and living under sheria law because you'd be owned by Saudia Arabia.
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