removing plugs from aluminum heads

I wonder if there would be any value (or harm) to squirting some stuff like liquid wrench or PB Blaster down into the plug well after the short engine runup to further loosen the carbon.
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Ashton Crusher
might not hurt but use it sparingly.
On some of the ford trucks that used to use the real long plug from 05 to 08, the used to break off (looked a lot like the long one he had in the video there) people would use a lot of spray penetrating oil, and it would drip past the threads down into the cylinder, and upon first crank, the engine would hydro lock. that would take a lot of penetrating oil, but some folks were using it like crazy, due to those damn plugs breaking.
thank goodness Chrysler hasn't gone thru something like that, having to invent a new tool just for extracting those plugs!
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