1998 will not run wiring problem

I have a 1998 Dodge 2500 5.9L (360). I got it from the junk yard I stripped everything off down to the frame. (It did not have a fuel
pump so I do not know if it had any problems before I got it). I bought it for the frame motor and transmission. I kept all the wiring I could. I think I have everything connected except for the air bag stuff. One thing that I don't know is what plug goes where on the gauge cluster. There are two plugs a gray one and a Black one. They are the only two plugs for the gauge cluster. But they are not keyed and will plug into the cluster at ether end or upside down. (does anyone know if the gray one goes on the left side and the tab facing in). The other thing is I am using a fuel pump out of a 1997 Dodge full size van. There is a little differances, The return line for the Gauge and the vent set up is different. I can put 12V on pin 4 and the pump will pump. But the fuel pump relay is not working. I am not getting the ground signal coming from the POWER CONTROL MODULE (computer). When I try to start it it will try to run for a second, and If I hold the gas pedal about 1/2 way down it will run for about 20 seconds. But will quit if I give it more gas. What is the computer looking for and is there a why to test. I am thinking about getting a code checker. But I do not have the gauge cluster connected so I do not even know if I am getting a code. I also do not have the hose coming off of the air cleaner hooked up. It should go to the left valve cover. But my brake booster is in the way. Could I a tee on the right valve cover at the pvc valve and connect the hose there or do I even need this hose. If anyone can help. I put the frame under a 1964 Dodge Townpanel and would love to get it running.
Also does anyone make an after market wiring harnes for the 5.9L 360.
Please help if you can Thanks Ron
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