2013 Ford Explorer Sport Extended Test Drive Feedback

Here is some feedback from a recent (last weekend) extended test drive (1 day - 200 miles) test drive of a White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat
2013 Ford Explorer Sport - VIN 1FM5K8GT8DGC13608.
We both liked the Explorer Sport but there were some things that we found during our demo that we have concerns about - especially when found on a $50k truck
Ford Sync randomly rebooted several times during our drive. It would then take several minutes to come back up. Reading on the internet, it seems that other Explorer buyers with this system have consistently reported this same problem. The salesman mentioned there "might" be an update but judging from the quickness and vagueness of his response, I'm assuming that he was not 100% positive of this.
Rattle in driver's door During our drive there was a rattling noise in the driver's door. You could also hear this same noise by tapping on the door panel (center just below the glass). I'm assuming that the dealer's service department will have a look at this.
When I picked up the vehicle it was just about empty on gas (gauge said about 10 miles to empty) I put 13 gallons of premium fuel in for our trip (12.003 prior to leaving and 1.004 just before returning to the dealership which brought the level back to what it was when I picked it up). Per the odometer, we traveled just over 200 miles. This means the gas mileage we observed was about 15.38 MPG for mostly (99%) what were highway miles during the trip. This seems to be a bit on the low side of what I would expect, again considering 99% were highway miles under normal highway driving conditions. I guess I would just expect to have observed something more consistent with the 16/22 MPG that is advertised on the window sticker.
I took some time during the afternoon to look over the vehicle in detail and a few other things I found were disappointing considering the price of this vehicle. Again these are not necessarily make it or break it items - just observations that can be compared to other vehicles in the same class.
No USB ports available for 2nd or 3rd row passengers True there is a Cigarette Lighter and AC port for the second row and a Cigarette lighter port in back behind the 3rd row, I am surprised there are no USB ports for rear passengers. There are two USB ports for the front passengers but it seems that there should have been some put in the back where devices requiring these ports are more likely to be used. True, a Cigarette lighter adapter could be used but then that sticks out and doesn't have the integrated finish one would expect on a $50k vehicle.
Alot of the interior trim on the secondary surfaces (not immediately touched) such as in the back behind the rear seats, along the door openings, etc had a rather cheap plastic appearance and feel. Some places the plastic molding trimmings were still attached and when compared to the plastic trim on the same areas of a 19 year old 1st generation Explorer seemed to be the same quality. I would expect the fit, finish, feel and appearance of these items (even though they are secondary surfaces) to be a bit more refined on a $50k vehicle. Again, not a make it break it thing but perhaps an observation that could be passed on if there were anyone concerned with genuine potential customer feedback.
The platinum white paint is really nice on the exterior of the vehicle but it seemed that the paint finish changed from the exterior with metallic flake to the door jams where it appears to be only plain white. If my observation is correct this would be the 1st time I've seen a vehicle that was not painted consistently throughout (with the exception of paint found under the hood.)
Door Sill Scuff Plates
I noticed during the trip that just after a short time there were small pebbles and debris all over the "lighted" metallic Explorer door sill scuff plates. I'm not sure if there is just not enough seal material to keep this debris away during normal driving but judging from the look of it, this area could be looking quite worn and scratched after just a short time of ownership.
Even with these concerns, we did both enjoy the vehicle considerably. The ride was great and the power much better than other Explorer models I have driven in the past. View the attachments for this post at: http://www.jlaforums.com/viewtopic.php?p !4840160#214840160
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