Ford focus uk 1.6 lx

I have an intermittent problem with my 1.6 focus lx; on nearly every journey
the speedo needle drops and doesn't start to read again for an x amount of
time, during which time the traction control light then illuminates and
sometimes the sound output from the radio dips slightly. Most of the time
this stays like this for the entire journey until I switch the engine off
but occasionally the speedo does give a readout again. Any ideas anyone?
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VSS (= Vehicle Speed Sensor) failure. Very common Focus fault. If you Google this group you will find a ton of info about it.
Bottom line - 25UKP to buy, and a bit of a pig to change, 100UKP if you wimp out and get a dealer to do it!
It may just be the connection on the top of the sensor, but usually isn't. Allegedly, replacements are improved.
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Chris Whelan

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