My friends 88 ranger just had the hydraulic clutch master cylinder changed
and the slave cylinder. And the two lines and the neutral switch. It works
fine but the pedal is almost to the floor when it actuates the clutch. It
used to be up. Is this adjustable . And the pushrod was changed too . It
doesnt look adjustable and its the same size as the old one.
Is there an adjustment somewhere .
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Probably needs to be bled!
If the mechanic doesn't obey the WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS, and does NOT bench bleed the master cylinder, it can be a PITA to bleed the entire system after it is on the vehicle!
Also, if the master cylinder has a composite pushrod of plastic end, metal rod, expect it to crack and crumble after a few months of use!
I recommend the replacement clutch master cylinder from NAPA, that has the all metal rod! Also, the entire cylinder is made of metal!
The pieces of crap from Autozone and Advance Discount Auto parts, that I had purchased, twice in less than 4 months, were:
1) rusted on the shelf and had to be returned, where we examined the entire stock, which were all corroded, NIB!
2)had plastic/metal rods that fell apart while in traffic!
3)had the entire cylinder that was molded out of plastic, subject to stresses, melting, deformation!
4)actually cost MORE than a real, genuine metal, proper fit replacement that actually works!
NAPA price for the Clutch Master Cylinder for Ford trucks is $53.00 in Florida.
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