Ignition switch

My 2001 Monte Carlo would intermittently refuse to start. No cranking. No nothing. It sometimes took several turns of the key before it would start.
Used my VOM and found that about 6 volts was appearing on several fuses that should have 12 volts with the key on. Sometimes 12 volts would show up. Seemed like an ignition switch contact problem to me. New switch costs in the neighborhood of $100.
Took the switch apart and found two contacts with noticeable pitting kind of like what the ignition points used to look like back in the day. Polished out the burn marks and all is well for the moment. If the switch provides another 60k miles I'll be happy. Anyone out there had any success with rejuvenating an ignition switch?
Didn't have any luck with the intermittent behavior of the hazard switch. Pretty much destroyed it trying to get it apart. Complex little device. $44 bucks for the new one. This thing is in the turn signal circuit. Every once in a while the turn signals wouldn't function. Gently massaging the hazard switch button would always make the signals work again, and they would continue working for a while. Hopefully the new switch will do the trick. Made in Great Britain. Amazing. Something actually manufactured in the western hemisphere.
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