Re: GM Dealer Challenges the Toyota Tundra's Ads... AS BULL

No it is not. The 4.6L V-8 in the trucks is a 2 valve SOHC design.

No, the 4.0L V-6 in a Mustang is an SOHC design, The 4.6L is the three valve SOHC design.

Currently none of the Ford V-8s have 4 valves. In the recent past certain models got the DOHC 3.9L, 4.6L, and 5.4L V-8s, but Ford is getting essentially the same horsepower from the 3 valve SOHC design, so they aren't offering a 4 valve V-8 at the moment. Ford does offer several 4 valve DOHC I-4s and V-6s. All the 3 valve engines have variable valve timing, as do the DOHC engines.

Look under the hood of a Tundra, and then look under the hood of a Corvette. Which engine takes up more space (the Tundra). Which engine weighs more (the Tundra).

No true. You don't have to have push rods to have hydraulic lash adjusters.

Spoken like a techno geek who thinks if race car has something it is the best thing for a street car. The "pressure" applied is no different if everything is working properly. With sliding calipers the biggest problem is sticky sliders. With modern sliding calipers that are properly maintained this isn't much of a problem. 4 piston caliper don't suffer from sticky sliders (there are none), but they do suffer from sticky pistons (been there) and you have twice as many seals to leak. As far as I am concerned there is only one advantage to 4 piston calipers - you can plumb the pistons in pairs to achieve true dual circuit braking. I am not sure it Toyota is doing this - do you know? I doubt it since they would have to have twice as many brake lines running to the front of the truck.

No, this wrong.

The Tundra doesn't stop any better than competitive vehicles. If there is no performance advantage, then it is hype.

Or sludged up engines that burn up your car? You should look at the history of the cruise control deactivation switch recall. Initially there were a very few vehicles from a clearly designed production range that appeared to have a problem. Ford announced a recall for those specific vehicles. Suddenly every sort of Ford truck built in the last 15 years was accused of catching on fire. Fords were accused of burring up that didn't even have the same style circuit. Sort of like the Toyota sludge case don't you think?
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