Please help! 89 pickup starting problems

89 2.6 fuel injected. I bought the truck from a friend who had starting problems for 6 months, getting worse and worse. I thought it would be an
easy fix but now its just frustrating me! It normally starts fine and runs great, but now at least once a week it just won't start. It will run all day on starting fluid and then quit when I stop spraying. Sometimes it will run on its own after just a little starting fluid. Sometimes I can let it sit overnight and it will start in the morning fine. Twice, after messing with it for hours I wiggled the wiring connections at the fuel pump and it started. There's possibly a bad connection back there but then why does it run fine after starting and never stall (even when I wiggle the wires)? The previous owner spent $3,000 replacing the fuel pump, filter, distributor (why?), "tested" the computer, and countless other things. I put in a new FP relay when I got it. None of the mechanics could figure out the real problem, just charged her money for throwing parts at it. As it has gotten worse the last few weeks it now has an idle speed surge when stopping at a light (sometimes). I checked for vacuum leaks, sticking egr valve, bad grounds etc. Could it be a fuel pressure regulator, MAF sensor, computer or ???? Someone please help! Thanks in advance.
P.S. anyone know a good Isuzu mechanic in South Jersey?
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