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I have an 1988 Cherokee 4.0, 5 speed, 240k miles. In April changed the
clutch master (it was leaking bad). A few weeks ago I had a new (not reman)
clutch kit including the slave cylinder installed (at 240K it was still the
original clutch). It was working great for about a week then lost hydraulic
pressure. If I bleed the system it will be good for about a week or so then
the same lack of pressure. Don't see any noticeable loss of fluid or any
drips anywhere. If I pump the pedal a few times then look in the clutch
reservoir I see some small bubbles in the fluid. Short of dropping the
tranny to check the new slave is there anyway I can test to find where the
air is leaking into the system. Haven't replaced the line from the master
to the slave, but don't see any fluid drips. The slave is still under
warranty but don't want to drop the tranny only to find the problem not
there. The master isn't under warranty anymore but I had no problems until
the old slave went. Any suggestions for testing the individual components
will be appreciated.
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D Vonrick
Hi Dan, Often it's not completely bleed, leaving an air pocket in that loop right beside the master. And that sponginess combined with their too weak a return spring will not force the master's cup all the way to the pressure release hole. Where it could get another gulp from the reservoir, so any leak that it has is going to slip down the cylinder. The master is leaking for this to happen, so bleeding it is just postponing the ineludible. God Bless America, ßill O|||||||O mailto: snipped-for-privacy@aol.com
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L.W.(ßill) Hughes III
Thanks Bill, So you feel that it is the master that is bad? It is an easy replace, I just don't want to spend the money for another new master without knowing (more or less) for sure.
Thanks again. Dan
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Dan Richter

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