Best roof rack and access ladder for 110 Defender recommendations please?

Hi all,
Want to buy a roof rack and access ladder for my 110 Defender...have you a
favourite you could recommend, prices seem to go from around £150 upwards!
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rickon nye
Brownchurch heavy-duty rack is the one I bought, it cost me 400 notes but it's built like the proverbial brick shithouse. I sold it on ebay last week for 160 quid so it really only cost me 240 quid. There are regular roof-racks for sale on ebay, some are better than others, the galvanised ones I prefer to the powder-coated ones as the coating is tougher and harder to chip off so rust is less likely. Look for one that has large holes drilled in all the box sections (like the brownchurch ones), these have been galvanised inside and out so a small hole in the tubes won't result in rusting from the inside.
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Ian Rawlings

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