Disco roof rack

Hi all
Can anyone recommend a roof rack for a Disco 1. The proper LR one
seems to be only half length. I'm looking for full length, preferably
with lighting mounts on the front and a bit profiled so it doesn't look
like I've caught a length of park railings on my travels. Also a
ladder for the back door.
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Safety Devices, Highlander High (if you have sunroofs) or Highlander low if you havent. We have one on ours, its supurb! Richard
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Cheers, looks just the job. also looks costly! do I see a floor in there as well? one of the projected uses is as a work platform for local woodland, also pimms and stuff in a deckchair up there at local events. Do they do a ladder as well?
Thnk you
Dave P
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The ladder is a standard LandRover ladder, about £50 I think. We have covered the floor in marine ply in three sections and varnished. Its been on a few years now and is lasting very well and is strong. The rack is quite expensive. Its got mountings at the front for four lights and one at the back. Richard
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The safety devices is very good and very cool looking but i would look at the Patriot roof rack as well, very practical as you as have it mounted in different stages of build from just roof bars to full rack with sides! Brown church are very strong and cheap but also heavy and a tad too rugged looking for me. Others to look at are front runner and hannabal.
I use rhino bars for my needs
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, just use different end stops to carry various loads. Jinx
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