Disco Auto Transmission Warning light..Advice please.

Hi all. When mine first came on I had already driven for some time without realising it and I had to continue driving it to get home.Albeit carefully but every thing felt fine. Now I have checked the fluid levels as per my handbook. All appears in order. No puddles of fluid under the car after being left to stand either. And I have used it daily since so....
I have tried to find the Disco Auto Transmission Warning light sender unit to see if its that.. Its up front somewhere I believe under the Rad ?
The light remained on all night and for most of the following day which made me think electrical as opposed to transmission problems..
So short of taking the bulb out of the warning light....It has, like several other electrical things on my Disco..Dont'cha just love'em, developed a mind of its own.
Your learned advice would be appreciated please...
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Lee - Disco 300Tdi -95

This happend to mine it turned out to be water in the rubber cover over the switch shoeting out the terminals, a quick squirt of WD40 cured the problem. To find the switch trace the two pipes to the front of the car, the switch is mounted verticaly (so the water can run down the wires and enter the rubber gaiter!!!) around the rad area.
Peter S
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Peter Seddon
I had an ABS light on permanently a few weeks ago. After thinking I may need new sensors or the sensor gaps adjusting it turned out to be just a dead relay. Clearly they fail closed which is failsafe I guess. I'd just bought the vehicle so the dealer got an auto electrician to find it. Can't claim to have solved that one!
Just a thought.......
'97 V8 Discovery
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