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Mercedes (Benz) SUVs' Outdated Maps?
Hello. Is it me or are Mercedes SUV (e.g., 2019)' digital maps outdated like closed roads? Google Maps and Apple Maps show them close and correct. Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon....
1 year ago
Can someone help me with a code for my radio?
3 years ago
Matching new cement color vs old?
Any tips on how to get new cement mix to better match 30 year old concrete? I have a sidewalk that has cracked completely across in one spot, it's about 1/2"wide, wider in a a couple spots. It's also...
3 years ago
Mercedes auto gershift
I have a shift issue on a 1983 280SE Benz (w126). The vehicle stood unused for ten years and after some attention is running well. The auto shift is proving troublesome though. All fine from pull off...
3 years ago
Vacuum lines daigram M110 W126 280Se
I swapped the top of my engine. Some of the vacuum lines were left on. After all the alignments we find that we are unsure about some of the vacuum lines. We also have a no start. It appears as if the...
6 years ago
Service light on 1998 MB S500
I need to reset the service interval light on my 1998 MB S 500
6 years ago
SL500 Lift points
I recently purchased a 2006 SL500 and want to do some rear brake work. I always like to have 2 jacks under each corner of the car before getting under them. The first lift point is the rubber pad on...
7 years ago
Engine surges while warming up.
1972 Mercedes 450SL, electronic fuel injection surges after start up un til temp is about 100 degrees, then settles down to normal.
8 years ago
LG Comso 2 and Mercedes Benz GLK350 Bluetooth Connection Problems
Hello. I am helping a client with her Bluetooth issue. Her couple years old LG Cosmos 2 (Verizon Wireless carrier) phone seems to have Bluetooth connection problems with her new Mercedes GLK350 SUV...
8 years ago 7
RWD E-Class in Snow?
With a set of Blizzaks, how does a '11 E350 do in a moderate amount of snow? Maybe Justin *I have an '09 with 4Matic and I don't trust it in snow. I kept my '97 Explorer with 4WD for snow etc. It...
8 years ago 1
Removing the luggage cover in a Mercedes GLK SUV?
Hello. How does one remove the luggage cover in a Mercedes GLK SUV? Videos and/or pictures would be nice. Google searches didn't find any. :( Thank you in advance. :)
8 years ago
2004 S320 Sat Nav DVD Drive 220 820 6059
Hi, I have an intermittent 'wrong DVD error' message. this can't be the case since it works the rest of the time. Does anybody know if this is likely to be caused by the drive in the boot or the unit...
8 years ago
Don't trust anyone
Had two tires installed on the rear of AMG. Picked car up and stoped for fuel. Wrong tires. They ordered and put the right ones on today. picked it up and a large amount of white gunk from mounting...
9 years ago
I had two tires installed on the rear of the c63. They were told to put Continental Conti Sport 5p on which was original equip. The put on Conti Sport Contact3, which is the tire, from last year and...
9 years ago
How to turn off a start up service message
"Service C Required" How can I turn off a MB E320 "Service C Required" message? -So that the reminder does NOT come up when car is started? I'm sure it's simple IF YOU KNOW HOW! Thanks. -Pete
9 years ago