Question about Wire Wheel Banjo-type 1964 MGB rear axle

Last Tuesday the left-side (US Driver's side) axle broke on my Victor
Special (based on 1964 MGB). It broke clean around 8" from the hub
extension; almost looks like it was sawed off in a lathe.
I removed the wheel and the nuts that hold the hub extension to the hub,
upon which, the hubextension and axle piece were easily removable. Then
I removed the big nut and the hub from the banjo. I used a length of
wire, bent into a noose, to pull the inner axle piece from the banjo
Using the Moss Motors site for reference:
formatting link

I have two questions:
How should I remove the plug (mossnumber #33) and how should I remove
the hub extension (mossnumber #36) from the outer piece of the broken
axle (mossnumber #34) ?
My assumption is that I need to pry the plug out and place the assembly
in a large vise with the extension against the top of the vice jaws and
then hammer the axle out using a 1" steel rod and a large hammer, being
careful to not damage the splines on the extension or axle. Is this
essentially correct?
Then, I assume I should carefully hammer the hub extension onto the new
axle, being careful of the splines and then replace the plug. Is this
Thanks in advance for your advice.
-Wee Rocket
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-Wee Rocket
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