MR2 sunroof

Today I discovered that mr sunroof has been desinged to be removed - you
never told me this Vamp :)
Finally decided to take the sunroof out to fix a rattle that occurs when its
open, and I find it comes out with no effort at all (2 clips) and when out a
little chrome wind deflector pops up. Well chuffed with that :D
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Carl Gibbs
i knew that! just didn't know how to get the bugger out! was it really that easy? D'oh!
my Turbo is sun roof-less as i got a hard top. jap imports only had a choice of hard top or T bar. only the brits got a sun roof option on both Mk1 and Mk2 MR2's or a 'moon roof' as the japs call them.
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Yep, you squeeze the inside of the securing catch to unclip it, then disconnect a little catch on the right hand side and pull it out. Piece of cake!
Ah, you learn something new every day!
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Carl Gibbs

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