Pug 307CC Mini Review

Had one for a week whilst on the Algarve.
Did around 800KMs in it.
I wasn't sure what I was getting - the rental company said 307CC, Megane CC, Focus CC or Eos.
I was kind of hoping for the Megane, as it's the best looking of the mid-sized CCs, but got a 307.
The looks grew on me over the week, the folding roof is really trick. Always had people watching as I raised or lowered it.
1.6 engine is a bit under-powered in somethig that weight, but it went well enough for use in Portugal.
Handling was pretty sharp, but it did suffer from scuttle shake on poor road surfaces.
Huge spec. list was welcome, but it was missing an iPod socket and I managed to leave my FM transmitter at home - meaning we were consigned to a week of low-budget Portuguese radio.
80mph on the motorway was no trouble with the windows up, you could even call it refined. A bit blustery with the windows down, though.
Interior trim and fittings were pretty damned good - lovely quality leather, well designed and located buttons / controls and the essential soft-touch plastics.....
Overall, I really rated it by the end of the week. Just a shame it wasn't a bit more powerful. I'd imagine the HDi versions are crackers.
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