I love Mustangs, but there are also a few other cars ...

Summertime in Minnesota and many "garage" cars are out on the street.
I noticed a beautiful custom 1953 Chev 2 dr sedan at a local strip mall.
When the owner started that puppy, I knew it didn't have the original
6 cyl engine. Nasty! I've also seen a beautiful 63 split window Corvette
coupe and a T-bucket roadster with a blower.
There's a local event held at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds this month
where there will be over 11,000 classics, rods, and customs.
If you're in the area check out -
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Dick in MN
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I like those earlier Chevies more than the much more popular '55-'57s. They're just different and stand out from the crowd. The 5s'-7s have been, in a sense, over exposed.
The '63, while beautiful, and "classic" to me isn't as desirable as the later big-block 427 Sting Rays.
T-bucket -- my dream auto project. For mine, I'd use a computer- controlled, normally-aspirated, modern V8 and 6-speed manual. Just turn the key (zero drive-ability issues) and go... go drive the wheels off of it.
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