Some nice vehicles can probably be found at ...

Back to the 50s event at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in
St. Paul on June 17, 18,19. Over 11,000 rods and customs dating
up through 1964 have already been registered. If you go, wear a
bib so you don't drool on these beauties.
I used to work in the area and although I never did go into the
fairgrounds, I would park at a restaurant and watch the parade of
cars on Snelling Ave. Many of the owners are my age, and that's old!
Some years ago I spotted a T-Bucket roadster with a 671 GMC blower
and watched when the owner started that puppy up - nasty!
I'd love to own one of those rods or customs but for now I'll just
keep plugging away with my "modern" 84 Capri RS 5.0.
Dick in MN
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At the time, 10 years ago or so, that T-bucket had a large block V8 that was either a Chevy or Ford under that 671 blower. The sound of a large V8 with a GMC blower, although "dated" is still music to my ears.
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