95 Nissan pkp clatters in 5-gear

Noticed that my truck in clattering-diesling when i go up hills in 5th
gear... Truck has new-plugs-wires-distributor cap-rotor.. motor seems to run
My manual says some diesiling is normal???? Says thats when im getting the
best gas mileage?
95-pickup 4cyl 5-spd
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WWE 4 Life
sounds to me that your in too high (5th) a gear with too low of RPM's..
put it in 4th or 3rd - depending on th grade of the hill / mountain and your level rpm's.
what are your RPM's in 5th as you are climbing - I bet you say around mid 2's
I could be wrong - but dont think so - unless you have a failing cylinder - but you say the engine sounds/run fine.
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Are you lugging it? Like 2,000 and under in 5th gear?
??? It's not good for the engine whatever is causing it!
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Steve T
Im going 55mphs + when it does this.. Its worse from 55--65.. 66---80 barley hear it..
Not sure what to do.. all new parts check out.. even replace o2 sensor...
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WWE 4 Life
Try high grade fuel and see if it goes away, if it does either the timing is too high or the combustion chambers are carboned up raising the compression too high.
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Steve T

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