rear seat removal in '95 Mercury Villager

I'm looking at buying a '95 Mercury Villager, but then I noticed that
the rear seat does not remove completely? Is that true? There's no way
to take it out? I read that you can take out the middle seat and then
slide the rear seat forward, but how much cargo room does that give you
in the back then? I want to buy a van to move things with mostly, so
did want to remove the seats.
I know the seats flip forward, but that doesn't give one a flat surface
on the floor, so when this rear seat moves forward, does it just occupy
the space of the middle seat and then folds forward? If so, seems like
you would lose that middle row space if you were looking for a totally
flat surface.
Can someone verify how this works?
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You gain a great deal of room witht he back seat folded up and out of the way, dont know about removing it completely though, me and my wife loaded it several times when we moved and put a great deal in the van. just me .02$
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