06 Maxima questions & observations

I loving the new Max! I just have a few general questions and observations:
1. The telescoping steering wheel is great for big guys 6'-0" and over.
2. Acceleration is wicked!! This is definitely a wolf in sheeps clothing.
3. I don't particularly like the seats with the middle back "bulge" that
doesn't allow my back to sink completely flat into the seat back. Wish there
was a way to make it feel more like my 90 & 94's seat backs.
4. What function does the black plastic cover over the engine serve? Seems
like it would keep engine heat in the compartment instead allowing it to
swirl around and cool the whole engine area. Can it be taken off?
5. The throttle is a little sensitive when starting up. It's hard to keep
from whiplashing coming off a stoplight!
6. I bought my 06 as a program car w/ 14k miles. I'm feeling a little
shimmy when first hitting the brakes at highway speeds. Is there a recall
on the rotors? I've heard they had problems with them.
7. Are there any recalls I should be aware of?
8. The speedometer looks a little "fast", about 5-8mph. Is this just my
imagination? I guess I should do a stopwatch check on the highway.
Thanks for the feedback.
90 & 94 GXE's
06 SE
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Chris H
Get them to fix that dam rotor problem,,,under WARRANTEE,,,!!
Dam it they still haven't fixed that problem, after knowing about it for 6 years,,,????
They fixed my 2000 at 25K for that same problem.
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common_ sense

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