The answer to your question depends on how you define "best." Is the best tire the one that:
- has the longest tread life? - has the best traction on dry surfaces? - has the best traction on wet surfaces? - has the best traction off-road? - has the lowest rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption? - has the best resistance to heat buildup? - is the quietest on the road?
A tire with good attributes in one area may be poor in another. For example, a tire with good traction off-road is likely to be noisy, or a tire with a long tread life may offer less traction.
Check out for more info on tires.
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I've found that Kumho has high-quality tires at very reasonable prices. YMMV. :-)
I've had good luck with Cooper Tire and Kelly-Springfield too.
If you want to spend more, then Michelin and Goodyear make good tires too.
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Here in Ohio

On 27 Oct 2006 10:20:57 -0700, "FIRERUNNERNICK" wrote:
What color is the sun on your planet? ;-)
There is no one 'best' tire, just like there is no one 'best' restaurant. There are way too many variables to even list them all - and then there is a price consideration. There are cheap tires (that aren't so good), and good inexpensive ones, too.
Go to a good full-line independent tire shop, and they can help you quickly winnow down the thousands of choices available to what tire IS the best choice for your car, the conditions you drive it in, and the way you drive it.
If you go to a Firestone Store for example, you are most likely going to be steered to a Bridgestone or Firestone tire, their brands. Same thing with a Goodyear store. Even if a Michelin or other brand would be a better choice for your needs - they don't make them, and they will most likely push one of their own choices.
If you want input from us, you have to give us a lot more to work with - What is your budget? Is the car 2WD 4WD or All-Wheel Drive, and will you be doing much off-road driving? Driving in snow, sand, mud conditions? Lots of high-speed freeway runs? Lots of twisty mountain roads where cornering grip is important? Will you pay more up front to get longer tread life? Do you mind a stiffer ride to get Light Truck rated tires for longer tire life?
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