Toyota and world events

Let's see, Earthquake in Japan, Toyota says it will keep all 12 of it's auto plants in Japan closed until at least March 22. The news from the
earthquake and flood just gets worse and worse as time goes along. Concerns about how it will affect the rest of the world's economics since Japan was number 3 in the world's economies. The reactors weren't supposed to ever have the trouble they are having. Lot's of unrest in the middle east. The haves want to keep things the way they are and the have nots want a bigger slice of the pie. Throw in the religions in the area and we are sure to have higher energy prices before all that is settled. The feds here said yesterday the economy is recovering nicely and though job growth is slow we are in better shape and QE2 is working. And if that doesn't do the job there is always QE3 and QE4,5,6...we can worry about a worthless dollar later. Obama's gold game is improving, Michell and the kids are having the time of their life. So basically, Life is good, enjoy the day.
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