Master Cylinder - which part number should I use?

I am bringing back to life a wonderful 1977 Type 2 Microbus. In
doing so, I have discovered a leak in the master cylindar of the
braking system. Not really a big deal to fix, but getting the right
part seems a bit confusing.
According to my Bently service manaual the 68 through 70 microbus'
have the master cylinder bolted to the frame and that later models
attach to two studs on the power servo. In the case of my bus, it is
set up as the 68 through 70 microbus'. It has manual brakes (ie no
power servo). I think this is because this bus was supposedly build
and sold in Germany and brought to the US by an owner. Probably
someone in the military, but who knows. Although, the VIN number
shows up in list of US sold buses. So I don't know. Ok, back to the
Since my 77 bus, has manual brakes. I am concerned the master
cylinder that would show up in a parts list would be for the power
brakes version and not the one I need. The pictures in the service
manual match the master cylinder that is in my bus, but those are
obviously from the 68 to 70 model.
So my question: Do I go to my parts store and order one from the 68
to 70 years or do I ask for the '77 model and take my chances? Any
And if someone knows the history on these "cargo" buses that were sold
in Germany, I was told in limited number, that would be interesting to
know. The chassis number is 2372108623 if that helps.
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Chuck Townsley
Hmmmm. I went thru the parts book and there is no breakout for '77 w/o power booster.
'68 and '69 used 211 611 021Q '70 used 211 611 021T
I guess I'd go with the '70 part. (They ain't cheap!)
Speedy Jim
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Speedy Jim
Measure center-to-center the 2 nipples on the master reservoir. 68-70 are 100mm. [these are the only ones that are 100mm!] 71-79 are 85mm.
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Well, I used the 211-611-021T and sure enough it worked like a charm. It only had a single brake light switch but my electrical engineering degree finally paid off. I can't wait to tell my dad of how his financial investment in my education finally paid for itself. ;-)
But seriously, the brakes are working great and I truly appriciate all the help you all gave in hunting down the right parts.
So thanks again and happy bus'in. Chuck
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Chuck Townsley

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