Pully center piece, & Carb plug (vs 28 PICT replacement)

Fun fun fun.... I have a pully that I moved from my old generator to my
alternator when I bought it a year ago. The '65 (40 hp) has been running
great as a result, and the pully lines up with the one on the crank...but
lately the alternator has been making noises... thought that the bearings
were going... turns out the pully is slicing into the face of the
alternator -- ground over 1/2 way through the webbing that supports the
front bearings!
The center piece of the pully has a slight indentation. Apparently that
makes it sit down into the face of the alternator a little too far... funny,
it ground into the face of my previous generator too.... but it is the best
pully I have.
So what SHOULD the back of the pully look like right at the shaft where it
rides on the center spacer of the alternator? This one has an indented ring
around it... thus it sits lower against the face of the alt/gen.
Also, my H30/31 PICT carb has developed a "slight" air leak... the 1/2" plug
in the face fell out! So I dug through my spare parts and found an old,
newly rebuilt PICT 28 carb... it is really looks nice, but it has a ceramic
6V automatic choke.... guess I will have to hunt the parts places for a new
12V version... Sure I have some 12V chokes sitting around, but they are too
big. This 28 PICT carb has a much smaller diameter on the choke. Almost, I
hate to get the nice clean carb dirty by using it... Anyway, my question
is, on the PICT H30/31, is it advisable to just push the plug back in, or do
I need to use some sort of locktite or something? It is the plug that looks
right at you if you open the hood and peak in at the engine... down hear the
bottom of the carb.
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I had the same thing happen on the way home from a show a couple years ago.....couldn't find the plug, ended up using a dime and duct taped it in place to get me home...took the Dremel to the new "plug" to size it to fit the hole in the carb..then, used a sharp, small chisel to swedge it in place..it's NEVER gonna fall out again :) HTH
Jon 66 Beetle "still in primer"
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Thanks... I guess I shall try spiking the plug once I get it back in the carb.
Any thoughts on the pully? KWW
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P.S. This is my daily driver.... I have had to borrow my son's car... KWW
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Hey Kirk! Long time no see.
The carb problem is a common one. one post suggests that you use a dime and plug it up that way if possible.............It's a fix I have seen in many carbs at swap meets too. It works but has a small issue. The inside of that plug that fell out is shaped to match the inside of the carb throat/venturi. It is most definitely best to get the right plug if at all possible.
As far as the generator problem, I am not familiar with the pulley issue you are having, but I welcome you to come by (new house in NORTH Garland ) and see if we can figure out what's happening. either bring your car ailing or bring whatever photos you can take and we'll see if I have a pulley of some sort that'll fix you up. I'll give it to you If I have the right stuff.
Lemme know ( I am outta town Friday till about 6 ish, and Saturday, I have an early appointment for my daughter at the orthodontist in Carrollton) and We'll work something out.
current cell phone is 214-458-0875 incase you've lost it or never had it...........I can't remember whether this one's been given you yet.
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Well, got the original plug properly oriented in the hole in the carb... hope it holds.
Put the old PICT 30 carb back on the intake manifold. One disturbing thing is that my hand got wet with gasoline AFTER the carb was bolted onto the manifold when I pulled on the lever to connect the accelerator cable. Maybe the bushings are worn out.
I also temporarily put an old 6V pully on upside down (central shaft-keyed piece is correct, but I swapped the front and back shells of the pully) so that it would align with the main crank pully. I shall see how it works.
I will call and see what your schedule is like.
Maybe you can watch and see if the engine squats too much on acceleration while I am there. I have been suspecting that the front tranny mount may be broken. KWW
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Made it to work! If the front tranny mount is NOT broken then I will be surprised, though, for each time I let out the clutch the engine would accelerate with NO pedal pressure from me. This was not bad, except when starting up in traffic...
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