Trade: 1994 Mazda Miata + $$$ for Karmann Ghia

My Miata has been a faithful daily driver for a couple of years. But
now it has a torn top, worn head gasket (leaks some oil), and belts
that'll need replacing sooner or later. It still looks good, and I
still drive it to work every day while watching fluid levels. I'd much
rather it go to a caring home than drive it into the ground any
However, I'm a former Beetle owner, and I've had an itch for another
aircooled automobile - and for a Ghia ever since I was 10. So, if
anyone out there has a Ghia they'd like to trade, I'll offer up my
Miata plus money to even out the deal. I'm looking for a car with
strong rockers / heater channels, non-corrupted wiring, and road legal
in the state of California (I live near Newport Beach). A good nose and
uncut dash would be a plus. :-)
The Miata is red and has 112K; was told by mechainc it has no rust
problems on the underbody. Email me at Thanks!
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