1994 Mazda Miata. Audio Warnings.

I have bought a 1994 Miata and am confused by some of the noises. Firstly
when I turn it on it squeals for a little while until it has enough gas/
warmed up. The car is inside a garage so it's not from water!
Also as i am driving it will occasionaly give an audio warning but there
are no lights or other indicators explaining what the warning is for! I
have had the car checked over and it has new belts etc.. Any ideas?
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Marylyn O'kane via CarKB.com
In article ,
Squeals are a loose accessory belt. The only audible warning are 1) the seatbelt reminder buzzer and 2) the airbag beeper, which is only heard if the airbag warning lamp is burned out. Both sound as soon as the car is started, not afterward.
Perhaps a previous owner installed an alarm system, and (as is typical) it's malfunctioning?
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Lanny Chambers
if you have a radio with a removable face plate then it likely beeps when you power off the ignition to remind you to take it with you.
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Christopher Muto
Gee, my 1991 came with all kinds of "Audo Warnings" ! She sits in the right hand seat ! Hee, hee, hee..... well, not that bad after all :-)
Bruce RED '91
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