1998 Plymouth Voyager "Service Engine" codes

Slow city driving in the rain today when, with no warning or mishap,
the "Service Engine Soon" light came on. No symptoms, car runs fine.
Tried the ignition key on-off-on-off-on trick and got the "Service
Engine Soon" light to blink out codes: 12 43 55. Alpar.com interprets
this as two codes, 12 and 43 with 55 as "end of codes" delineator.
The 12 code is: "Battery or Computer recently disconnected"
The 43 code is: "Peak primary coil current not achieved with max dwell
time...OR...Cylinder misfire...OR...Problem with power module to logic
module interface"
A few days ago I had a mechanic repair a slight leak of transmission
fluid at the radiator connection... perhaps he disconnected the battery
as a safety measure before doing the work. But the other items??
Anybody have any idea how I could differentiate among the three
possibilitiues for code 43?
Also, is there a way to reset the system so that the "Service Engine
Soon" light will go out?
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A cylinder misfire occurred. How many miles on this vehicle and when was the last tune up done with a good set of plug wires? The check engine lite will go out after the problem has been fixed/or if it doesn't occur again after the monitors have passed.
Glenn Beasley Chrysler Tech
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I had similar problem on my 98 Plymouth voyage a month ago. First, I replaced spark plug, it corrected problem some what. Then I replaced all the spark plug wires. The problem is totally gone. Try that first and see if it will go away.
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