PT Cruiser diagnostic question?

warning chime went off and my engine shut down.
I had to leave the car and get a ride home so I don't have any OBD code(s) yet.
Prior to this its been running great. It has 95K on it, I had the plugs changed about 4 months ago and the oil level is good. The coolant temp was also normal.
I let it sit for a couple of hours assuming it would reset itself but even though it cranked over fine it would not start. My guess is that there is either no ignition, no fuel or both. I read that there is an auto shutdown relay that cuts off both these things.
I know this is a low activity site but I thought I would post just in case someone had any ideas as to what the cause might be and other than having to have it towed, what I might be able to do to get it restarted.
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Possible problem is the timing belt, symptoms are the same.. Chrysler suggests having it replaced by 90k miles. I've seen some fail earlier and some drive well into the 100k range. I replaced mine at 104k. It's not a cheap fix. I've seen prices from USD750 to USD1400. If this is, definitely replace your water pump while in there, very common practice. If this is the problem and the garage you get quotes from doesn't suggest the water pump as well, go someplace else.
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