Torque converter replacement 1996 Plymouth Grand Caravan

torque converter and replaced the front oil seal. Does the torque converte= r have to go back a certain way, or does it matter if it got rotated before= being slipped back on the input shaft? It seems to make a grinding type of= noise now when the vehicle moves, and I'm not sure what I could have done = that would cause this. Does it just take time for the torque converter to r= efill with ATF, and is there any type of breakin/reset procedure I need to = follow? The vehicle has only been drive a few feet, up and down my driveway= . I haven't actually taken it out on the road yet.
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When you install a torque converter you push in and rotate it by hand until it drops 3 times, once to engage the input shaft splines, once to engage the stator splines, and finally to engage the front pump drive which can be splines or just flat spots on the end of the torque converter "snout". When done and the transmission is bolted back in place the torque converter should have a small gap between itself and the engine flex plate and should spin freely until you put in the torque converter bolts. If there was no gap the torque converter wasn't properly seated in the transmission.
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