WARNING! -- Citroen Fraud on e-Bay!

I've just received this through the XM-L and CitroenBX-L mailing lists from Gabor....
Hello, I wanted to wait with this announcement and warning until I receive the official reply of e-Bay to my notification but new items have appeared on e-Bay and that forces me to warn you so that you won't be cheated. Copies of the CitroŽn Technical Guide, written by Zeljko Nastasic and myself, are offered on e-Bay, without, needless to say, our prior knowledge or consent. The Guide remains, as it always has been, free for download from my site. A link to a current offer, still visible as of now is: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item $73238759&categoryH4 39 I know of at least one case where an unsuspecting buyer was cheated into bidding and paying for the CD. The seller was apparently different from the one in the previous link and the description was also slightly different. Technically speaking, I can't determine if this one advertised is the same as the one already sold (which was definitely our PDF) but the table of contents listed on the page is very much similar to ours, actually, it is of a previous version of our Guide, not the currently available one. I also prepared a new version of the Guide, with a clear copyright statement expressly prohibiting such behavior. I know it was an oversight on our part to omit it in the first place (although I don't think a mere statement would keep anybody from cheating) but we never intended to place any copyright restrictions on this material, always meaning to benefit our small community, so we didn't think about it earlier. Although people downloading the Guide are asked on my page to not to store it for others to download but to provide a link instead, I know that some of you have made it available for others to download or have put in on CD for distribution. I'd like to ask you that, if you can't comply with our request to only provide a link for whatever reason, to download the latest copy with the copyright statement included. I subscribe to the Xantia-L, BX-L, CX-L, XM-L, C5-L, AX-L, Citroen-L lists, so this warning will be sent to all of them. I'd like to ask you frequenting other lists, either here on Yahoo! Groups or others around the world, to help spread the word so that, hopefully, nobody will bid and pay for what is available for free. Bye, GŠbor ------------------------------------------------------------------- Gabor DEAK JAHN -- Budapest, Hungary. The CitroŽn BX Do-It-Yourself Site (with XM Pages): www.tramontana.co.hu/citroen
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