Focus Starting Glitch

Hi all - my Ford Focus has a bit of a glitch with starting first
thing in morning ...
It fires first time when key is turned but then cuts out immediately -
second turn of ignition starts ok when revved ....
This only happens after standing overnight otherwise ticking over and
running well and starts first time during day .
Have changed plugs and HT leads so don't think it is any thing with
dampness etc.
Any ideas anyone ?
Thanks for any help
Ford Focus 1.8 Z Tec
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thinking about this, don't car have electric fuel pumps in the tank these days ? Perhaps air gets in the line ?
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mr p
Thanks for replies - my thinking is towards fuel related It fires first time but you need to rev engine straight away or it dies...... There is a hissing noise from left rear of engine ( looking from front ) so could be something to do with a vacuem leak in hose possibly ? Anyone experienced this ?
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there should not be a hiss. some fords have vacuum operated heater flaps, any leak in those will give a hiss and yes that could well cause your starting fault.
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if there is a vacuum leak it might cause an audible hiss, if so it will probably be remote from the engine (or it would stop instantly) so have a good look for any vacuum pipes off the inlet manifold, there is usually one that goes to a bit of gubbins on the firewall at the back of the engine bay
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I have read all the replies. I did not see Idle Control Valve suggested so I will throw it in the mix. I seem to recall similar symptoms on my Focus 1.8LX, culminating months later in not being able to idle at all.
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Kostas Kavoussanakis
In message , Kostas Kavoussanakis writes
Nobody mentioned it because it didn't fit those particular symptoms i.e. starts then cuts out then starts again and is fine for the rest of the day.
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Paul Giverin

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