10Amp relay on Drivers side 1990 miata

What is the 10amp relay on the drivers side of the car next to the
sidewall for? It is behind the access cover with a another relay.
1990 Miata.
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Not having a 90, and not seeing the panel, what does not work when you unplug the relay? Fuel pump ? A/C? Interior lighting and accessories? Etc.
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The relay closest to the bulkhead is the Retractor Relay, the other the TNS Relay. The Retractor Relay feeds the headlight-motors, the TNS Relay feeds the ECU, Taillights, Panel lamps and audio.
Jeroen Feelders Technical Commissioner Mazda MX5 Club o.t. Netherlands
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Jeroen Feelders
See if this helps:
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Even if not, download and SAVE somewhere, sooner or later you'll need them!
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There are three relays behind the cover:
The one behind the two (and closest to the fender) is the headlight relay
Of the two closest to the clutch master cylinder, the one towards the front of the car is the TNS relay. I don't know what "TNS" means but this relay controls the ECU, tail lights, panel lights and audio.
The other relay, closest to the clutch master cylinder and closest to the firewall is the headlight retractor relay.
Hope this helps,
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