2005 Mazda Speed miata

I am looking to purchase a 2005 mazdaspeed miata here in the NE-USA.
I found one for $19,900 and have a few questions.
Does anyone here own one?
If so, is it worth the premium?
I had a 2001 Miata and loved the car.
Just curious as to others experience with the turbo version.
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I have a 2004 MSM. It's a great car, but you should be able to get it for less than 20k. I paid $15,600 for mine two years ago.
The non-turbo has a nicer exhaust note. On the other hand the MSM has a much stronger engine.
Some (most?) prefer the 5-speed to the 6-speed transmission that the MSM comes with. The gearing is also very short in the MSM. Good acceleration but a lot of shifting. Not everyone's cup of tea. I would have preferred a 5-speed with longer gearing.
The 17" rims on the MSM look fantastic but are very fragile. I have already replaced mine with 16" Rota Slipstreams. Lighter, stronger, more sidewall, better ride.
Overall it's a lot of car for the money and great fun to drive. Whenever I drive normal cars now they just feel dead. I will not be selling this car any time soon.
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That's about what it sold for new. (At end of year pricing) I would not buy it at anywhere near that price!
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Thanks for the info. I think the car is still listed so they seem to be having trouble selling it at that price. I never saw my original post appear (thanks Time Warner!!!) so I guess you are the first to respond. I was tempted to offer 15 to 16k and see if they would take it. I loved my 2001 model and was loath to part with it but finances did not allow it then. (Don't really allow it now but I wanted to grab one of these rare models before to much time lapses.) Have you ever driven one? Are they worth the premium? Squat
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Yes, I've driven one. No they are not worth "the premium"
HOWEVER, The car can be a very good base for further improvements.
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They are nowhere near that cheap around here (Hou). I can't see how there's much of a premium for the MSM at all. A regular 'loaded' miata cost about as much as far as I can tell and the maybe it's the fear of hard use that has driven down the price of the MSM so fast but I think they seem quite a value. Not at $19k of course but, .......
Chris 99BBB
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Chris D'Agnolo

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