Edelbrock Victor Jr. Intake On 4.6

I have not posted or lurked here in ages...
Anyone hear ever go with the Edelbrock Victor Jr. Intake Manifold on a 4.6
I recently set my 2001 up with one along with a 262 cam and ported PI heads
. It took a lot of doing to get it done properly. Had to bend my own plumb
ing to work with the Edelbrock fuel rails, set it up with a new pump and pr
essure regulator, install a custom fabricated throttle cable, egr delete an
d a hand full of other tweaks. I had a strut tower brace on it previously,
and there was no room with that brace in the way to connect the cold air in
take to the throttle body with that brace in the way... I had to chop a sec
tion of the brace out and weld on a "substitute" piece that was bent to go
under the cold air elbow where it connects to the 90mm throttle body...
I'm glad I went with it, but had I known it was going to be so involved I w
ould have stayed with the Ford Racing manifold. What an ordeal !
What is worse is I cant tell for sure what you gain from this intake as I a
dded a heap of other items at the same time.
The 262 cam, I think was the better choice over the 270. With 410 gears on
it now, I don't have any issues down low. I think the 270 cam would have
been too much of a slug below 3,000 rpm.
Also went with a light weight fly wheel and an aluminum drive shaft. Under-
drive pullies as well... It is a very free revving drivetrain now... Has t
he crank balanced as well, so I'm not worried too much about taking it upst
airs... It is surprising how it keeps making power and pulling even at 5k.
Love the sound of the cam as well. Has a nice lump to it. Way more than I
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